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Followers of Jewish music yesterday had the opportunity to feel like it was old times in the very center of Semitic cultural splendor. It is due to the concert, which took place in club Chłodna 25 in Warsaw’s Wola district. The setting for the concert was not casual – it was there, where before II WW it was a Jewish quarter, where Nazis opened the ghetto, concentrating and isolating all Semites.

in Poland

The event took place in the evening on June 17th.   All involved were regaled with an excellent concert by world-famous violinist, klezmer and ethnomusicologist Yale Strom. He was accompanied by his wife Elizabeth Schwartz (vocals in Yiddish and Hebrew ) and Peter Stan, recognized accordionist and master of Balkan sounds. This specific trio created an ethereal mixture, which for 1 1/2 hours transported listeners to the life of klezmers –Jewish musicians of weddings and taverns.

The admiring public listened to successive energizing pieces, the traditional ones as well as the modern ones, which combine klezmer with avant-garde and jazz. All compositions had in them longing for the world in which Jews lived without being stigmatized by other nations.

 Yale Strom first came to Poland in 1981, looking for the traces of klezmer tradition. He went as well on several dozen ethnographic trips, which allowed him to master the musical world of Jews. 

 Author: Marta Szmurło

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